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Bharathi Kannamma is a 2019 Indian Tamil language social dramatic television series aired on Star Vijay and streams on Disney+ Hotstar. It premiered on February 25, 2019, and directed by Praveen Bennett. It initially stars Roshni Haripriyan and Arun Prasad with Farina Azad in the lead roles. The series is a remake of the Malayalam television series Karuthamuthu. Later, in Nov.2021, Roshni was replaced by a newcomer actress Vinusha Devi.


Kannamma is a pure-hearted girl who is looked down upon by her beautiful stepsister, Anjali, and step-mother, Bhagyalakshmi, due to her dark-complexion. Her father however supports and praises her due to her kind nature. Soundharya is a business tycoon who is obsessed with beauty (Eurocentric standards) and when Anjali wins the Miss Chennai, she arranges a marriage with her and her younger son, Akhilan. Akhilan takes an instant liking to Anjali, but Anjali likes his brother, Bharathi. During this love triangle, Bharathi and Kannamma frequently cross paths, and Bharathi ends up falling for her due to her kind character.

Anjali attempts to blackmail Bharathi into marrying her by threatening suicide, but Bharathi approaches her father to ask his permission to marry Kannamma, and reveals that he is infertile. He then asks him to break the news to Kannamma, and on the condition that she is okay with that, he will marry her, but Kannamma's father does not tell Kannamma about his infertility, and consents to the marriage. Kannamma is ecstatic that she will be marrying a good-hearted man.

On the day of Anjali's birthday, Bharathi marries Kannamma, and both his mother, and Anjali are angry at this. Akhil, and Bharathi's father, Venu are happy.  Soundharaya allows Kannamma into the house, after insulting her. Anjali gets married to Akhil and schemes to get rid of Kannamma so that she can divorce Akhil and marry Bharathi but is thwarted by Soundharya, and later starts to fall in love with Akhil.

Dr. Venba, a coworker madly in love with Bharathi schemes to break up Bharathi and Kannamma as she wants Bharathi for herself. Kannamma consults with Venba as she is having trouble conceiving, but Venba uses this in her scheme, convincing Bharathi to make it look like she is the reason why they cannot conceive and not due to Bharathi. During a reunion, Varun, a friend of Kannamma attends, and Venba plants the idea that Kannamma is having an affair with Varun in Bharathi's head. Having learned that Kannamma is allegedly infertile, Soundharya calls on Bharathi to remarry again, with Venba being happy that she can be the second wife, but Soundharya wants him to marry someone else. Soon after, Kannamma starts showing symptoms of pregnancy, and later shows a positive pregnancy test to Soundharya, so as to stop her from trying to find Bharathi a new wife.  Venba hires a killer, Durga, to kill Kannamma, but he later realizes that Kannamma is a good person and he sticks around to stop Venba from trying to kill her, and meddle in her life. It is then revealed that Venba killed Bharathi's ex, Hema, and Durga comes clean to Kannamma about his original intentions, but says that Bharathi is the one who wanted her dead and not Venba, as he is in love with Venba.

Kannamma attempts to leave the house and reveals to Soundharya that her son is trying to kill her and her baby. The family confronts Bharathi, who says he is not trying to kill her but reveals that he cannot be the father. She goes to her parents house and yells at her father for not telling her the truth about his alleged infertility and she leaves. The family tries to get Bharathi to do another fertility test but is stopped by Venba. Kannamma gives birth to twins (Hema and Lakshmi), but Soundharya takes the darker-skinned of the twins unbeknownst to Kannamma, as she wanted to help Kannamma. Soundharya takes the baby home, and saves Bharathi's life by crying which got him to tend to her, right when a chandelier falls. He then takes an interest in the baby and names her Hema, after his ex. Kannamma stays with the nurse, Thulasi. Venba tries to marry Bharathi and almost succeeds but is thwarted by Soundarya.

8 years later

Lakshmi (Soundharyalakshmi) and Hema are now eight years old and live in a village, where Kannamma runs a tailoring shop. Bharathi and his family arrive at the village to set up a free medical camp, where he ends up meeting Lakshmi, unaware that he is her father. Durga, has become a doctor and he poaches both Venba's staff and patients, which angers her. Lakshmi and Hema both attend the same school and become close friends. Bharathi grows fond of Lakshmi, unaware that he is her father, and that she is Kannamma's daughter. Bharathi decides to marry Venba in spite of his family's disapproval, but she treats Hema poorly which makes him give second thought. Kannamma starts a business with Thulasi and Sumathi (her land lord). The twins both unaware that they are twins, are surprised that they share the same birthday and decide to have the birthday at Hema's house, where Bharathi discovers that Kannamma is the mother of Lakshmi. Bharathi decides to go abroad with Hema as he does not like the fact that she has become close with Kannamma. Venba kidnaps Hema in an attempt to stop Bharathi from leaving. Bharathi has Kannamma arrested as he suspects her to be the culprit but later realizes that she was not the culprit. He later manages to convince Hema to go to the US and visits Kannamma's house so that she can say her goodbye, and apologize for having her arrested. Hema learns that her mother's name is Kannamma from the passport forms, and confronts her grandmother. Bharathi tells Hema that her mother is dead to the shock of the rest of the family. Venba kidnaps Durga in order to scare him away.

Anjali is diagnosed with a heart ailment while she's pregnant, and is told to think about abortion but she refuses and hides this issue from the family. Bharathi makes up his mind to leave, but Hema has convulsions while they are leaving, and when Kannamma visits her, her condition improves and the doctors tells him that in order for Hema to do well, she should stay with Kannamma for a short while. Bharathi ends up staying there due to a COVID containment zone for a day.

Later, Bharathi finds out that Lakshmi is Kannamma's daughter when he takes her to the hospital due to a stomach ache. He confronts his family and Kannamma about this. Kannamma discovers that she did give birth to twtins and goes on a quest to find the other child. Soundharya does her best to cover up the truth, employing Thulasi in her lies. A baby shower is thrown for Anjali, and Venba and Kannamma are both invited, and Venba tries to make it seem like she is married to Bharati but Anjali tells Kannamma that they are not married. Later on, Venba discovers about the twin situation and threatens Kannamma, and Soundharya overhears this and comes clean. Kannamma takes Hema and Lakshmi to the temple and asks Hema about her mother, when Hema replies that her mother had died when she was born. While Kannamma coming to say that she is her real mother, Soundarya Devi comes and stops her. Anjali also discovers that Hema is Kannamma's daughter, and wants to reunite her with her mother. While visiting Kannamma, Anjali discovers that the medication she was prescribed by Bharati was not actually done by him but was forged. She connects the dots and realizes that this was the doing of Venba. Bharati starts to feel paranoid that the family is trying to separate him from Hema, and is trying to push him back to Kannamma, so he plans to divorce her.

Kannamma sets up Venba by hiring two women to ask her for an illegal abortion which was filmed and she goes to jail. Venba tells Bharathi that she was framed, and Bharathi files for divorce. During the divorce trial, the judge finds their situation peculiar as they were living apart for eight years but live life like normal and are coparenting, so she orders them to live together under one roof for six months. Bharathi stays at Kannamma's house, while the kids are shuttered back to Soundarya's house under the guise that Bharati is on a business trip.  While living with her, he realizes her daily struggles and empathizes with her but he is conflicted as he believes that she did cheat on him. Meanwhile, Soundarya hires an attorney named Vadivu to live underneath Kannammas's house with the task of creating situations which cause the couple to be close to one another. Kannamma opens up to Vadivu about not being ready to be with Bharathi even if the lie has been cleared up as she expects him to apologize to her beforehand. At Hema's home, Lakshmi battles with not knowing who her family is and constantly worries about Kannamma.

Venba's Return from Jail & Lakshmi Learns the Truth

Venba is released on bail and immediately enquires about Bharati's whereabouts. When she finds out that Bharathi and Kannamma are living in together, she immediately plans to make Bharathi trust her again before plotting her revenge on Kannamma. Bharathi does not pay heed to Venba as he is angry with her for betraying Anjali during her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Bharathi meets a saint who seeks alms and advises him to trust the people whom he hates and vice versa. This makes Bharathi think if Kannamma has never been wrong as he suspected. On hearing about a temple from one of his hospital staff, Bharathi decides to take Kannamma and his family to Needhi Katha Amman's temple. It's a belief that the truth shall prevail at the end of the ritual. Bharathi and Kannamma take up the task. However, Kannamma wins the task implying God and truth in favor of her. Bharathi feels torn apart between superstition and scientific outcomes. Later, Kannamma has a meltdown at Bharathi's decision. Bharathi then decides to take back Kannamma under one condition: He wants Kannamma to admit her affair. Without saying a word, Kannamma walks out.

Kannamma then hosts her birthday function at the request of her daughter. She promises Lakshmi that she will introduce her dad on the occasion. She plans to invite Bharathi and tell him that Hema is their twin daughter. However, the plan fails. Lakshmi decides to search for her dad and heads to Bharathi's house after seeing the address mentioned in Kannamma's aadhar card. She overhears the conversation between Kannamma and other family members and learns that Bharathi is her father.

Lakshmi goes to the temple and thanks God for showing her father. As she was crying, Saraswathi came and consoled Lakshmi and told her not to reveal the truth to anyone. Kannamma came to know that Lakshmi was missing and informs Soundarya. Kannamma came to Bharathi's hospital and asks where is Lakshmi and he was panic about Lakshmi's missing and Kannamma leaves. Lakshmi came to Bharathi's hospital and was talking to him. He drops Lakshmi in her home. Soundarya and Kannamma came to home and they were happy after seeing Lakshmi. Lakshmi asked why Soundarya need to search for Lakshmi as Soundarya is not a relative, Kannamma told Lakshmi to not speak like this. Kannamma worried about Lakshmi's behaviour and Soundarya consoled her.

Hema asked will Lakshmi's father come as Bharathi told Hema that Lakshmi's father won't come anyday. Kannamma replied may be like that. Then Hema requested Kannamma to marry Bharathi as there will be a person to take care Bharathi. Kannamma didn't tell anything.

Lakshmi's school was planned for an excursion. Lakshmi told Hema that Kannamma couldn't pay the excursion fees. When Kumar came to pickup Lakshmi, she called Kannamma and informed that she would go to Hema's house in the name of to learn maths homework from Bharathi, Kannamma rejected to go there but Lakshmi didn't obey her words. When Soundarya came to pickup Hema, they told about Lakshmi's excursion fees then Soundarya agreed to pay the fees. Lakshmi and Hema went to their house and learn maths. Lakshmi requested Bharathi that she will call him as 'doctor appa' as Hema calls Kannamma as 'Samayal amma'. Bharathi agreed for that, Soundarya overheared this request and felt very happy.

As parents can accompany in the excursion, Bharathi and Kannamma accompanied. They went to a theme park and enjoyed themselves, also taking a family photo, as compelled by a photographer. Hema had Barathi's phone with her as Bharathi went to restroom. At that time Venba called him and Hema made fun of her and told that they were in a theme park and were enjoying a lot. When Venba asked which theme park, she replied she won't tell and told Venba not to come there as they were happy and enjoying.

When the children were playing in a water ride, Lakshmi went to the deepside of the pool and was fainted at that time Bharathi saved her life. Kannamma and Lakshmi thanked him a lot.

The next day, the class teacher gave an assignment to write about the journey of excursion. Hema wrote that it would be nice if Bharathi would marry Kannamma. The teacher asked Kannamma about - is there any wedding proposal between her and Dr.Bharathi.