Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal Full Movie Download And Review


 Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal Full Movie Download

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal

Name:Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal (2022)
Starring:Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Directed:Vignesh Shivan
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance
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Story Line

Life is a matter of choice. Arms crossed or two hands? Rajini or Kamal? Thala or talapathy? Raja or Rahman? Even when we were children, we were asked: "Appa pidikkuma? Amma pidikkuma?And we, of course, refuse to choose the third safe option - "both". In Kaathuvaakula, Kaadhal, Rambo (Vijay Sethupathi) makes a similar choice, refusing to choose between two women, but in his case it is far from a "safe" choice.

The film begins as a folk tale and sets out the peculiarities of a young Rambo, who is considered the bad omen of all his people. He is so "unhappy" that his father dies on the day of his birth; his mere presence is enough to make his mother sick. He can't have ice cream or dance in the rain. And he does not receive love from anyone. However, on one fateful but beautiful day he meets Kanmani (Nayanthara) and Khatija (Samantha), and on another fateful but beautiful day they both profess their love for him. 

And he still considers himself unhappy. You can introduce Kushi Mumtaz by saying ""Aiyyo paavam" here. To the outside world, played by Shihan Hussaini in a hilarious cameo, Rambo's problems may seem annoying, but to this snooty taxi driver/bouncer, they are big problems. It's the Appa-Amma mystery all over again, and screenwriter Vignesh Shivan weaves the story of a man who refuses to take responsibility, and two women who almost let him escape.

Like the broken protagonist, women are also broken in their own way. When Kanmani, who is alone on her journey to find a boyfriend, encounters families who see her younger sister and brother as a burden, Khatija has a family who sees her as a support to move up to the socio-economic level. And when the right man comes at the right time to say the right things with the right look in his eyes…

The whole set-up of this almost fantastical premise is done by the routine of overused reality shows, but Kaathuvaakula depicting Kaadhal is promising. With the support of his potential clients, Vignesh Shivan succeeds almost as successfully. But the gag is so taut that it shows signs of fraying even before it reaches the middle. This is not to say that the development of the romance between Rambo-Khatija and Rambo-Kanmani is not charming. It's not enough, charming. 

The encounters are not comforting enough. The proposals are not smart enough. Reflexes don't move enough. Funny moments are not consistent enough. That this Vignesh Shivan film works is partly due to the brilliant acting of the actors and the biggest weapon in the film's arsenal, Anirudh. Whether it's with his background score, the songs or his anxious voice that sings love and loss with such emotion, Anirudh succeeds in this film.

There were doubts whether Vijay Sethupathi could be so "charming" to justify people like Samantha and Nayanthara, but it is safe to say that such worries have been postponed. I think of that "long journey" scene with Nayanthara and the way she redefines charisma with a bubbly on-screen presence in edit numbers like Naan Pizhai. 

A rather touching but funny Nayanthara and a cherub Samantha add heaviness to their inherently thankless roles. In fact, Kanmani and Khatija have only the illusion of choice. However, the actors show an impressive comic moment in this film. But more than charm or comedy, it's the quieter moments that really lift this film, albeit not to great heights. An example of this is the image of a soaked Rambo sitting in the middle of the street drinking ice cream, confused about whether to cry or laugh. 

This is even better because Anirudh has given us a pathetic number that says a lot more than the dialogues that Vijay Sethupathi throws in the name of two, I mean, of true love. However, Khatija and Kanmani have no such scenes to show us what they think. It's almost as if the movie is playing completely in Rambo's head.

The final act of this film unfolds in a crazy Mohan-esque way, with characters like Redin Kingsley and Maaran holding things together with spiritual distributions and key phrases. But just like the rest of the film, the gags preceding this act also blow hot and cold. 

For almost half of its running time, kaathuvaakula-Kaadhal explores the idea of a specific type of mental illness. Halfway through, the film seems to realize its insanity and that the directors are dodging the "misrepresentation" ball. But then this angle comes up again out of nowhere and does a great service to Khatija and Kanmani, who do not have the respect that the director is convinced he bestows on them. 

This does not mean that the premise of two women fighting for a man is strange. Over the years, we have realized this idea in various ways. However, there is one aspect that unites almost all other films of this subgenre. The Rambos always get what they want, but in terms of Khatijas and Kanmanis, it seems that we will have to wait longer.